Looking for Scrap Metal Prices?

The simple truth is that there is money in scrap metal. Scrap metal prices can vary by region and community, but the reality is that the scrap metal that you’ve got lying around your home could potentially be big bucks in your pocket to a metal recycler. Junk cars, leftover copper piping or wiring, soft drink cans, and even broken appliances can all be considered scrap metal. Scrap metal prices can vary on a daily basis, however, so before you turn over all your leftover metal to a recycler, it pays to check to see what the going prices are so that you have an idea if you’re getting a fair deal.

What Kind of Scrap Metal Can Be Turned In?

Virtually any kind of scrap metal can be turned into money. There are more common and more profitable metals that can be recycled that equate to more money in your pocket. Here are the common metals that are often accepted at your local scrap metal recycler:

  • aluminum
  • copper
  • gold
  • silver
  • stainless steel
  • iron

It should be noted that although there is often gold scrap inside electronic equipment, most scrap metal recyclers will not accept electronics as metal scrap. That is because to access the scrap metal, a long and arduous process must be undertaken to literally melt the scrap metal out of the electronic components. For that reason, electronics are often recycled separately by a different recycler.

Do you have tons of scrap metal just sitting around on your property? Are you thinking about turning that scrap metal into some real money? Before you haul off your scrap metal to the recycler, you’ll want to have an idea of what scrap metal prices currently are so that you’ll know you’re getting a fair price. Also keep in mind that scrap metal is graded based on what it is and what condition it is in, so make sure you know what kind of metal you actually have!

  • Copper (Clean): $5-$6/kg
  • Copper (Mixed): $4-$5/kg
  • Insulated Copper Wire: $1-$4/kg, depending on grade of wire
  • Aluminium Cans: 10c each in South Australia, by weight elsewhere in Australia
  • Aluminium: $0.25-$1.20/kg
  • Clean Brass: $3-$4/kg
  • Contaminated Brass: $1-$2/kg
  • Radiator – $1.50/kg contaminated/mixed, $3.50/kg for clean copper radiators
  • Lead: $0.70-$1.10/kg
  • Stainless Steel: $1.00-$1.50/kg
  • Lead Acid Batteries – $3.50-$4.00 each, depending on size.

Because of the volatility of market pricing, scrap metal prices aren’t guaranteed until the sale is processed. This chart, however, can help you determine if your recycler is attempting to severely undercut the price you deserve to be paid.

Learn how to build a scrap metal business.

Learn how to build a scrap metal business.

Are You Interested in Selling Scrap Metal?

Did you know that a recycled aluminium can is able to be processed and returned to a store shelf as another aluminium product in as little as 60 days? Scrap metal recycling protects our local environments, reduces the amount of energy we all consume, and makes sure that our manufacturing sector has plenty of raw materials to create the products we all use every day.

By knowing the value that scrap metal has, you can also make sure you’re getting fairly compensated for your recycling contribution and help prevent these valuable resources from being sent to landfill. Are you ready to help the planet by recycling your obsolete materials?